«An Opinion Word Lexicon and A Training Dataset for Russian Sentiment Analysis of Social Media»

Koltcov S. N.; Koltsova O. Yu.; Alexeeva S. V.;

Dialogue, 2016;

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Автоматическое реферирование
Анализ тональности
Constructing Aspect-based Sentiment Lexicons with Topic Modeling (URL) Nikolenko Sergey
Tutubalina E. V.
Steklov Mathematical Institute at St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia; National Research University Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg, Russia; Deloitte Analytics Institute, Moscow, Russia
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Анализ тональности
A Comparative Study of Publicly Available Russian Sentiment Lexicons (URL) Razova E. V.
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Анализ тональности
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Анализ тональности
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ООО «ЭР СИ О», Москва, Россия
Dialogue 2015 Анализ тональности
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