About the service

RusNLP is a search engine for English-language papers presented in Russian NLP conferences:

You can use it in the same way as Google Scholar or ArXiv Sanity Preserver:

  • Discover academic knowledge you were not aware of;
  • identify "gaps" in Russian NLP, where we still lack knowledge;
  • analyze academic communities and publishing patterns;

Questions that RusNLP can answer:

  • I know this paper, what other similar papers are there in Russian NLP?
  • What was published in 2008 by NLP scholars from Moscow State University?
  • Were there any papers about paraphrases detection at the AINL conference in 2015?
  • Etc...

It is a part of a larger project called "Analysis of publication activity in Russian comutational linguistics". The current web service is a work in progress and does not claim to be 100% complete or accurate.

Download the dataset as Sqlite database

Web service source code

Dataset stats

  • Papers in English: 455
  • Authors of papers in English: 423
  • Affiliations in papers in English: 100

Publications describing the project

  1. Bakarov A, Kutuzov A., Nikishina I. Russian computational linguistics: topical structure in 2007-2017 conference papers // Dialogue-2018

  2. Irina Nikishina, Amir Bakarov and Andrey Kutuzov. RusNLP: Semantic search engine for Russian NLP conference papers // AIST-2018 (Slides)

  3. ...

Project team

In alphabetic order:
  • Amir Bakarov (NRU HSE)
  • Andrey Kutuzov(University of Oslo)
  • Irina Nikishina (NRU HSE)

Creative Commons License
RusNLP by https://nlp.rusvectores.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.